Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unique Modded C64 DTV

This is just plain awesome.

His description:
This is an unusual sale for an unusual project and is aimed for the DTV modding community or for anyone who does not have the time or tools to hack one.
This C64 DTV is built into a Grandstand Firefox tabletop game with built in Sony PSOne screen.
It has the following connections
PS/2 keyboard connector (uses standard PC keyboard),
6 pin serial connector
2 Joystick connectors
and two Reset switches (the start and select buttons - 1 for hardware reset and 1 for Disk drive reset),
This uses Sega 9v and Sony 7.5v power adaptors.
The photos show the DTV-1541 running in Basic and also running Space Harrier loaded from disk (not included).
The DTV has not had the flash ROM altered in any way as I never found the need to.
The DTV connects directly to the PSOne screen and has two inbuilt speakers inside the tabletop.
The joystick and fire button built into the Firefox game can be used via a flying connector on the right hand side or you can plug in a seperate joystick.
This was the first of three of these I have built (only two left at the moment).
Any questions please ask.
Good Luck


pedepede said...

Hi Philip
How did you open the console? I have removed the screws from the bottom but cant seperate the top from the bottom because of the joystick. Whats the trick?


mswakkapakka said...

Under the sticker on the joystick there is a little screw. Be friendly to these games. Only mess them up like this when they are absolutely dead. Not lighting up is not dead. These games usually can be fixed in 10 minutes if something does not work. Dead means broken VFD tube, totally rotten PCB, cracks in the PCB or that sort of stuff. Just not working is NO EXCUSE!